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 Intuitive Consultation with Alanna 

  email: alanna@godfire.com  website: www.godfire.love 

INTUITIVE CONSULTATION IS Since 2013, I have had the privilege of 
assisting people in aligning 
themselves with their soul's purpose. I began offering these
consultations shortly after my 
mother died as this was the event which propelled me through 
an energetic portal into a Universe of expanded awareness from which place comes
that can be of value to those seeking guidance on matters of concern.

What I learned from this place of expanded awareness is that our mission in this lifetime
is to attain a state of outrageous joy. 
We are born to be joyful. We are born to be elated.
We are born to know that our 
energy is virtually infinite. It is infinite right now, at this very
instant. We are born to 
wake up. We are born to be truly alive.

During a consultation, I dedicate myself to supporting you in reconnecting with your own
inner knowledge of your sacred path; I do this by beginning with prayers of gratitude. 

Following the opening prayers, I will invite you to speak about the issue you are bringing
to the consultation. Our ensuing dialogue will help pinpoint the critical aspects of the issue.
After this clarification, we go deeper into prayer space where I listen to the Divine Energy
that communicates insights and guidance which generally come in the form of images 
direct words
 which I share with you. The aim of the consultation is to equip you with
strengthening understandings designed to assist you in
discerning the steps required to
further your aspirations. We conclude with closing 
prayers of thanksgiving.

No issue is too big or too small to bring to prayerful consultation.


TWO HOUR INTUITIVE CONSULTATION By way of email, we will find a time and date 
for a consultation via telephone, audio Skype, or Signal that suits your schedule.
The fee for a
two hour consultation is $130.00 CAD.

ONE HOUR INTUITIVE CONSULTATION  By way of email, we will find a time and date 
for a consultation via telephone, audio Skype, or Signal that suits your schedule.The fee for a
one hour consultation is $70.00 CAD.

A QUESTION ANSWERED By email, send me a question for which you would like
guidance. I will take your question to prayer and send you one page of answers and
impressions that I receive from the heavenly realms. The fee for this service is $50.00 CAD.

A PRAYER FOR YOU  Send me your name and I will go to prayer and find the
prayer especially meant for you. The fee for this service is $50.00 CAD

MY EMAIL ADDRESS Alanna@godfire.love

METHODS OF PAYMENT Payment can be made by e-transfer 
or direct deposit. Should you prefer paying by cash or money order, this can
also be arranged. 
The email for e-transfers is: alanna@godfire.love. 
Payments must be completed in advance of the consultation or service.



 "Alanna shows you the way to your true self. Anyone can say that about anyone so
 I will describe the feeling. You feel confident, energized, and perhaps more importantly
 you feel calm. After speaking with her I know what tasks need to be undertaken,
 I understand why I have to do it, and I no longer doubt my abilities to do it."   

                                                               Caitlin Rose   Artist and Entrepreneur 


"Alanna has an exceptional array of gifts she shares during her prayer consultations,
one of which is her gift of understanding messages from the other side. Her deep empathy
and absolute sincerity during the sessions made me feel that I was truly being listened to
and cared for. My fears were not taken lightly and, in this fragile state of need, I felt
completely protected, understood, and accepted. Her deep faith in people, combined
with her compassion and sincerity opened my heart. She is, in her own way, as much
an Angel as any in Heaven and I cannot recommend this fine person highly enough
if you are in need of assistance from the other side of the veil." 

                                                     Professional Musician       name withheld upon request


"With Alanna's help, I now have sharp focus and grounded optimism for my mission
in life. She cuts 
through months, and even years, of confused and painful poking around,
with sessions acting as launching pads for the next critical steps in your life. Everything
about the way she works with individuals is unique, warm, and from the heart. I will never
be able to write a testimonial that truly translates the joyful loving impact Alanna has had
on my life through her generous spirit. I consider Alanna to be one of the most gifted
intuitives I have ever had the fortune of meeting."   

                                                                                                Sonja         Toronto, Canada


"A crucial aspect of working with Alanna is the fact that one is very much participating
as a co-creator. Every step of the way I felt keenly part of the process. This empowering
style of working, in which I was free to question and interact with the message being
presented, has been essential to my well-being since I have often given up authority
over my life, creating a disconnected dependency on healers and experts outside myself.
Alanna is tremendously respectful and never exudes a hint of "I'm right and I have all the
answers". There is never a feeling that she is dictating what you should do. She is
constantly reinforcing that you are the master of your own life."   

                                                                                        Madeline       Toronto, Canada


"Do you realize you have always been my teacher? You taught me on so many levels
over the years and for that I am truly grateful. From this was born my commitment to
meditation, to opening the door of my soul, to develop and evolve. I love each epiphany 
that surfaces. I am learning to love and forgive myself. I am full of surprises. I am joyful.
I am fulfilled."  

                                                                                       name withheld upon request


"I have had the great privilege to have come into contact with Alanna as someone
to pray with. 
I pray with Alanna who is deeply spiritual and comes to the prayer
practice with great reverence 
for the highest good. I have always felt better after
praying with Alanna. She has deep spiritual wisdom 
and has helped me tremendously.
Often we go to prayer with situations in our lives that trouble us or are difficult. We know
from physics that everything is energy and Alanna senses that energy in your prayer time
and knows when something has significance. She will explore it with you. It never feels
scary or wrong or out of place. Her demeanour is so supportive and helpful, never judging.
She has the ability to 
make connections and to be direct in a very helpful way. 
I absolutely have found great solace in praying with Alanna."

                                                                                                  Andrea Brien       Educator


"Alanna mirrors back to me the things that I know deep inside but have trouble
accessing. She's incredible helpful in deciphering what it is I need to do for my own growth,
for the good of myself and for the good of others. I can say without hesitation that with
her gifts of encouragement and discernment, I have found the courage to take more risks,
allowing myself permission to fly. As a result, I feel more energized than I've felt for years.
All I can say is this: Alanna's gifts 
help me to fully be the person I am meant to be on this
earth. One other thing is that Alanna's 
spiritual counselling and guidance is perfectly
congruous with all faiths."

                                                                                 Eleanor Albanese    Writer and Playwright


"Over the years I have sought personal consultation with several world class
intuitives/psychics and Alanna Marohnic ranks among the most gifted of them.
From my very first session with Alanna, my life has undergone profound and
lasting transformation."



"Tripod is the word that comes to mind when I begin to describe my dear friend
Human, Ethereal, Christ-like, Balanced. Alanna was born of the Ethers,
swims in the 
Ethers, and will one day return to the Ethers. She is pure gift and has
been put on this earth as Bringer of Light to assist all whom she meets to transcend
and transform the human 
condition. Her work, on every level, is a treasure to behold
and pure love in the offering."

                                                                                         Cheryl Shiells    RN, CST, SD



We exist within a sphere of perfect celestial logic, therefore, although we may feel 
overwhelmed at times by the distressing circumstances in which we find
ourselves, it is promised to us that all 
painful issues will be resolved
and healed over the arc of our existence. And t
here is time for
resolution since we are infinite and eternal beings
created and cherished by the Loving Universe.