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"Emerald Archway" 
watercolour and ink   size approx 4 x 5 inches

Zagreb is full of some of the most beautiful architecture
I have ever seen. Everywhere your eyes turn there is
something astounding to see.

"Abandoned House in Krapina" 
watercolour and ink  size approx 2 x 4 inches

When we visited the town of Krapina, which is in Croatia near the
border of Slovenia, this little abandoned house caught my eye.

I quickly retreived my sketch book from my bag to do a drawing of the
house before all light disappeared from the darkening sky.
Later, I used the sketch for this painting.

Sometimes when I see abandoned homes I think of all the history that
has happened in them. Each house starts as a house of dreams, full of
plans, aspirations, and hopes for the future.
In its lifetime, the house 
experiences its share of successes and failures, joys and tragedies.
And, in the end leaves a legacy of rich emotions emanating from it's
crumbling walls, giving pause to passerbys like me.

"A Winter Wedding" 
watercolour and ink 
  size approx 2 x 6 inches

During a visit to Zagreb one December, my mother and I
were walking through an older part of the city one evening
and chanced to see a wedding party emerging from an
ancient church. Seeing this winter wedding planted
the seed for this painting.

watercolour and ink  size approx 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

The city of Zagreb was clearly created and built
by marvelously skilled artists and artisans.

"Windows in the Old Town"
watercolour and ink  size approx 2 x 3 inches

One evening Ivan and I sat on a bench in a park in the old
section of Zagreb. We had a thermos of tea to keep us
warm.  We felt enveloped by the beauty all around us.

Over the stone wall of the park, we could see the
back of several apartment buildings  with some
windows illuminated and others dark.


"The Beauty of Zagreb" 
watercolour and ink
  size approx 2 x 4 inches
I find the mood of Zagreb's architecture to be an
unusual mixture of fanciful and solemn.

"The Beauty of Your Mind"
watercolour, graphite, and embosssing  size approx 4 x 6 inches

Your own mind is a pathway to a marvelous land of pristine beauty.



"Without Despair"
watercolour and ink  size approx 3 x 7 inches

When deep despair arrives, it always feels like it's your new
best friend; a friend who will forever be at your side for
the rest of your life, with no rescue in sight.

When the despair lifts, you feel hopeful again. You feel
delivered from a  dreadful fate. With this delivery comes a
feeling of euphoria and a reconnection to faith. Your spirits
soar. Now you feel fantastic and you are sure that this is
your new permanent state.

But, ah, some time passes and down you go again.
However, the powerful connection you felt hasn't

disappeared; it's only out of view for now.

Sometimes I think that, if I can only turn my head a certain
way, at a certain angle, I will see faith so close that I can
know, with certainty, that I can walk right inside it again,
even when I feel doubtful of its very existence.


Gallery 13 ALANNA MAROHNIC GALLERIES  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13  14 1516 1718


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