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Northern Ontario CANADA

plein air work

"Lily at Mud Lake"


"Orange Leaves"
along a walking path


"Sunset on Sedgewick Lake "
during a canoe trip.


"Black Spruce at Highland Lake"


"Grey Trout Lake"
a pristine jewel 


"August Lilies on Kemuel Lake"
 near Atikokan


"Shore Lunch for the Dogs"
a day of canoeing


"Seine River at Horse Collar Junction"
the day after a snowstorm 



 "Deer Hanging in the Shed" 
hunting season

"Rock Capped With Snow"



"Serene Lilies at Mud Lake"



"Jennifer Garrett"
 drawing in the bush with my mom


"Along the Shore of Reserve Island"
on the Floodwaters 



"Camping on Lake Soho"



"Last Light at Charleston"


"Jade Water in the Steep Rock Pit"