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Jennifer Garrett 1942 - 2013

Jennifer was a full-time painter, musician, and energy worker. She believed that love was
the supreme pathway and "listen to your heart" were some of her favourite words of encouragement.

  Jennifer signed her work with several names throughout her career: Jennifer Garrett, Jen Garrett,

Jen, Jenni, Jennie, Jenny, Jegar, Jen Marohnic, Jenny Marohnic, J. Marohnic

By her friends she was called: Jennifer Jenny, Jen, Jeni, Jennafer, Janny, Jeni, Geni, Jennyfer, Jenny Fleur,
Jeniffer, Jenni, Jennie, Jannie, Jannifer, Dzeni, Genifer, Fleur, Fleury, Flurry, Gennifer, Geniver



   Eleanor Crowder sent me these two emails when our mom passed:

   Eleanor Albanese sent me word yesterday of Jennifer's death.
   Shock. Loss. One of the pillars of the world is moved.
   How much that must be true for both of you.  I have been thinking of you in flashes all day as I work
   outside with kids in Shakespeare. Jennifer defined my sense of how to be an artist: how big the vision,
   how vivid,  how deep. She taught me more about honesty, love, courage, how to be a mother, and about
   how I might want to be in my own family. With my family.
   There is a hole in the centre of the sky.
   The thing that would please her is that she showed us all how to keep it up ourselves.
   It's just hard to comprehend doing it without her energy in the lead.
   .... I think I may need to cry a river... quietly over the next few days.

   My love to you both. My thoughts.
   and to Joseph / Fredrich,   to Jimmy and Lana, if , when,  you all speak of her together.


Dear Alanna,
I will be thinking of you all tomorrow.
and having echoes of you and Jennifer singing in Croatian running through my head.
Some of the loveliest sounds I have ever heard, you two singing harmony.
So many things to tell you about.
The concert where the lights went out in Port Sudan.
The work on Baby Buggy Blues.
The walks along the rail line in Atikokan as the sun edged to set, crisp snow and long shadows
and soft, the sense of spring in the air. All white laundry, and the line dancing out towards the fence
with that weight of cloud clothes on it.
Jennifer always welcoming the flow of teens through her living room .
All hours of the day, a new saga, and her wise counsel. The day we blew up the pressure cooker.
The exhibit in Joanna's house here in Ottawa. The wonder of Jennifer's work . I still dream of the
spring beauty cloud picture over the circular lake. And the rabbits and doves in cages in the market.
The way only she paints snow. So you taste it and are blinded by it.
What did Jennifer teach me: to sing with all my heart. To know where a heavy brush stroke is needed.
To value the underpainting more than the final layer. I met Jennifer before my children were born. They are 30. 
I am 60. For half of my life, Jennifer etched the path of the artist. Through joy and pain and immense triumph
and desperation and pleasure, I saw her continue. To follow her path. To sing. To play . To paint.
Her certainty might drive you mad. But in the next beat, she'd bend a note, or set a plate of food in
front of you, and all doubts were swept away. More than anyone else I have ever met, she lived
full on with bravery .

And here is my crazy last week:
My play Momma's Boy will tour to Thunder Bay and Sioux Lookout and maybe Dryden. It's three of us. 
It plays on themes of staying and going, mother love and solo flight. It is full of music, and a hard driving
energy. It's a romance with a crack, balanced on a knife -edge. To play it takes real courage.
All week as we work, I am aware of a deep pulse beneath the accuracy of our playing.  That pulse is
Jennifer. It's a demand for truth, and power. She alway asked the most you could give.
And then when it all flowered in one harmonic burst of sound and power, Fleur was first to name
the joy, and to bask in the blessing of the family she herself tirelessly created .

As part of her artist family, I realise she will remain my eternal mentor. I had hoped to show her this script.
To sing with her again, the songs we set down 30 years ago. Now instead, she rides along with us. Her spirit
asks truth of me every time we sing.

My love to you. And to Ivan.  And to Jimmy and to Lana, and Reisha and Kelen and Soleil, and ....  And to Joseph.
Jennifer was so blessed in all of you. She revelled in your wonders.
I throw my voice in one extra harmony line with you all tomorrow.
(Eleanor Crowder)


     On December 17, 2013,  we had an exhibition of Jennifer's paintings at Galerija Ruza
     in Zagreb, Croatia. There were several people who spoke and I was one
     of them. This is what I said:
     Good evening everyone. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be here
     tonight.. And, I'm so happy to see all your shining faces.

     I would like to begin by thanking Udruga hrvatshih branitelja dragovoljaca domovinskog rata
    and Gospodin Franjo for the opportunityof having this show here at this wonderful gallery.
    And, a big thank you to the Hrvatsko-svedsko drustvo for sponsoring this exhibition. I would
    like to thank Gospodin Stanko Spoljaric for his thoughtful and insightful words about my
    mom's paintings.I would also like to thank Vladimir, Rajka, Ana, and the Zbor Lira for bringing
    their music to us this evening. And, I also wish to give a deep thank you to Branka, Radmila,
    and Kristina for their devotion to the preparations
    for this exhibition

               We are gathered here tonight to celebrate my mother's life and her loves. She loved the Croatian
               landscape, as we can see by her magnificent paintings. She adored Croatian music, as we all know 
               from hearing her sing at concerts and parties. And, most of all, she loved you, her friends.


              My mom lived her life with passion. She recognized that every moment was precious and
              each day was beautiful. My mom didn't separate days into “good days” and “bad days”.
              A rainy day was as glorious as a sunny one. And, when something difficult happened to
              my mom, she only said, “What can I learn from this?” My mother walked in joy and nothing
              gave her greater pleasure than to walk in joy with others.

              My mother's life force was strong and vibrant. She was a force of nature! We couldn't have imagined   
              that she'd leave us so soon and so suddenly. But, my question is: Do we really think she is gone?

              I believe our hearts tell us that she is still here with us. I think we know that my mom is still with us,
              not as just a lovely memory, but really here with us. She is still loving us and bringing us her
              message  of joy.

              My mom has opened a pathway for us and we are all on that wonderful road together. It is a road tha
              defies all traditional notions of time and space. My mom dances on this road of celebration and she

              wants us to dance with her. So, let's dance with my mom and with each other and let's remember
              that my mom always said, “Love is forever”.

              Alanna Marohnic    


                Govor na otvorenju izložbe Jennifer Garrett

                Dobro veće svima! Sretna sam što večeras imam priliku biti s Vama ovdje i sretna što
                vidim Vaša razdragana lica.

                Na početku, željela bih zahvaliti Udruzi hrvatskih branitelja dragovoljaca Domovinskog
                rata i gospodinu Franji koji nam je omogućio održavanje ove posebne  svečanosti u
                ovoj predivnoj galeriji.

                Veliko hvala Hrvatsko-švedskom društvu na sponzorstvu ove izložbe.

               Također, zahvalila bih gospodinu Stanku Špoljariću na misaonim i dubokim riječima
                o slikarstvu moje mame.

                Isto tako zahvaljujem Vladimiru, Rajki, Ani i Zboru Lira na glazbi u kojoj ćemo večeras uživati.

                Veliko hvala Branki, Radmili i Kristini na njihovoj predanosti u pripremi ove izložbe.

                Okupili smo se večeras u čast proslave života moje mame ispunjenog  ljubavlju. Voljela je Hrvatsku i
                njezine krajolike što se zorno vidi na njezinim slikama. Obožavala je hrvatsku glazbu čemu smo svi
                svjedočili slušajući je kako pjeva i svira na koncertima i druženjima.  

               A najviše od svega, voljela je Vas, svoje prijatelje.

               Moja je mama živjela strastveno i bila je puna životne energije.  Shvaćala  je da je svaki trenutak u
               životu dragocjen i stoga svaki dan poseban i lijep.  Zato dane nije dijelila na one dobre i na one loše.
               I običan, kišni dan jednako je za nju bio svečan kao i onaj sunčani. Pa i tada kada bi joj se nešto teško
               i ružno dogodilo samo bi kazala: „ Što mogu naučiti u ovoj situaciji!“

               Moja je mama živjela u radosti i za nju nije bilo većeg zadovoljstva negoli podijeliti 
               tu radost s drugima!

               Životna snaga moje mame bila je jaka i prožimajuća. U njoj je živjela  istinska
               snaga prirode. Nismo ni slutili da će nas napustiti tako brzo i iznenada.

               Ali moje pitanje glasi: Da li nas je uistinu napustila?

               Vjerujem da nam naša srca govore da je ona još uvijek tu, ovdje s nama. Mi znamo da je ona tu, ne
               samo kao lijepa uspomena, već istinska i stvarna. I dalje nas voli i šalje nam poruke radosti!

               Otvorila nam je put ljubavi i radosti kojim sada svi zajedno idemo. To je cesta koja mijenja sva
               tradicionalna poimanja vremena i prostora.  A moja majka pleše na toj cesti slavlja i želi da svi sada
               zaplešemo zajedno s njom.

               Zaplešimo zato s mojom mamom svi zajedno i zapamtimo što je uvijek govorila:

                                                               „Ljubav je vječna“!                               Alanna Marohnic



We have a Memory Book and in it are many messages of love for my mom and little
stories that people have shared. Below are a small sampling. Of course, it was hard
to choose which ones to include. Eventually, I will have the chance to put them all here!  
Dearest Jennifer,
Seeing what an enormous hole you have left behind you and how much more I wish you could have
given us in beauty and in love, I can see better how much you gave us in the few brief moments we
have been with you. I will cherish these moments for the rest of my life: I remain inspired by your
ability to find such beauty everywhere and to share it with everybody. You filled your life with beauty
and love and have therefore filled our lives as well.
Love Jonathan Galbudy 


My dear Jenny!
When I listen to your CD I feel you are here and you'll be here forever and ever.
You live in our hearts and I feel that you are still here with us. We miss you and love you and
thank you that because of your shining soul the world became better.
Love Tajana
My dear
it is not fair that I've never heard you singing - so you should come to my dreams and perform.
Love you, Franceska
Dear Jenny
I'll love you forever
Dear Jennifer,
When I think of you, particular stories don't come to mind, It is more a feeling on an experience
to be in your presence. The red hair, the white clother, and the smell of roses. Your strong afftectionate
hands rubbing my shoulders and chest, making me feel loved. I always felt stronger and happier after
a visit from you. But, especially stronger. When I am scared to do something that I want to do, I think of
you and I am inspired. I love you.
Caitlin Rose McMahon
Dear Jennifer
Thank you for talking to me all through the years about different things (mostly books). I miss listening
to you play the guitar and piano. I regret that I never took the time to get you to teach me the chords to that song
about the different clowns. I remember when you taught me that old folk song about the lady whose husband
will be hanged in the golden chain. It is hard to speak to you like this when I know all the million and thousands
of things I want to tell you now - I can't really describe in words. I remember the last time you came to visit; I was
talking about your paintings and I said that the colours were often like the same as how things look in real life.-
except but much brighter - like exaggerations of real life. You said the colours were not exaggerations, but that was
what you see, All of the beautiful textures and shades are exactly what you see, all the time. I don't think I really
described it the eay I want to but that meant something to me. Like, I wish I could see the world through your eyes.
Love Connor
I'm really gonna miss you.



Jenn you live on in all who love you and who met you.
Love always, Vivi

You are a beautiful Angel,
Love Heather xxoo
Aunt Jen, I am sure going to miss you - But I know you are in a fabulous place.
I'll love you always. I am so sad for your beautiful family, I love you all too.
We loved you Jenn and continue to love you.
Joe and Gabrielle 
A GREAT SPIRIT filled with compassion - forever remembered and loved.


A woman who changed many (for the better), who had no fear, and who I miss already.
Kim Erickson
(And such and artist!)
Thank you Jennifer for always being an inspiration on all levels.
with love and gratitude,
A wonderful life and joyful spirit worth celebrating!
Jennifer was a big, big, big influence on me! Pigweed!
What a wonderful inspiration Jennifer has been to so many of us. I remember her passion for social
justice and unwillingness to turn a blin eye to a blatant wrong. I remember her love and her laughter.
A very remarkable woman.
Mary Veltri
Jennifer was a Dharma friend
Timo Helmonon
Memories are a poor substitute but we have them. A unique, loving and loved woman of the ages.
Pat Wales
Jennifer - I love you so much, It breaks my heart that I will never be able to really tell you how grateful
I am to you - that you saved my life - you taught me so much, I will always keep those lessons in my
head. I think of you all the time and I am so sorry I didn't get to be closer to you the last few years. I should
have flown to Croatia and followed my heart. Jeny, we will try to live like you did - full and generously.
All my Love,
Kaela xoxo
My dharma sister, it was amazing to share our Tibetan journey together. May all beings be happy.
See you in Shambhala,
Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for showing me beyond the mundane. I remember you in great colours
and, of course, in a white cloud.
Tellie Kahara <3
There are so many threads that connect us and the entire community. It has been a real priviledge and joy
to know you and be affected by your creativity, generousity and spirit.
Metta, David Belmore
A shining star! A jewel...we have all been so very fortunate to have Jennifer in our lives. I will always
remember her vibrance. She honoured her many gifts.
Jennifer has influenced every aspect of my life. Shown me that there is always a way to do something better,
to be a better person. to accept everyone regardless of who they are - where they are from, etc, "Ever vigilant and
never suspicious". There is not, and never has been a day that goes by that I don't think of Jennifer in the small
tasks that I do. How I cook, how I sing, how I make descisions. For this I am ever thankful to Jennifleur and all
that she has opened my mind, eyes, and heart to, so many things. I am so thankful for all the people who got to
know this incredible and inspiring woman.
I love you Jenny forever.
Ashley Lange


A gorgeous song by Jennifer Garrett and Vladimir Georgev