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"Hsinchu" (complete image)

Title: Hsinchu - Medium: watercolour, gouache, and graphite on 300 lb paper - Size: 22 x 30 in (56 x 76 cm) - Note:Until I experienced living in Hsinchu, I thought I craved nature and peace, but to my surprise I discovered that nothing suited me better than the rollicking chaos of this city. I found the ultra crowded streets filled me with euphoria..The incense wafting from the temples situated on every corner, mingling with the tang of concrete and the oily fumes exhaled by fans at the back of restaurants, created a heady perfume that held me tight in its thrall. The slashes of jungle crisscrossing the city were islands of mystery perpetually reaching out with tropical tendrils attempting to devour the buildings and tear up the streets. Everyone and everything danced together with vigour, knowing that life is meant to be celebrated in the most intense manner possible.