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This page contains a few of the many paintings
that I have done during travels through Mexico. 
I call these my "journal paintings"and this is the

work I keep as reference material for other larger

Usually no one sees these paintings since I never
display them.  However, this website gives me a
great opportunity to share them with interested

Courtyard in Taxco

I spent eight hours standing
on the balcony of our hotel
room painting this incredible
courtyard. It was so beautiful
that I felt compelled to commit
it to paper.

Old Wall in

Around an old
church in the
Tepoztlan was
this fascinating
wall showing
how nature
will find a
niche to grow
in any place


At low tide,
the coral
showed itself
in all its


Coconuts in Villa Obregon

The trees of Mexico
were endlessly
interesting to me.



Laguna in
Villa Obregon

Spending time
along the
shores of
the lagoon
was one of
my favourite
things to do.

I did this
painting very
early in the
dawn, just as

the sun was
coming up.

Street in Tepoztlan

This town is
south of
Mexico City.

the Laguna

In the morning,
the swallows
would feed
over the
lagoon in
Villa Obregon.


White birds
sat out on
the rocks of
this hidden

Lady of Guadalupe

This is a shine set up fro the Lady
of Guadalupe on the porch of a little
home in San Patricio.

I appreciated the unbounded
celebratory feeling of this