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 Watercolour   Graphite    Ink   Embossing

"The Buck" watercolour and ink  size approx 24 x 28 inches 

This painting is based on a true story I heard about a deer that danced in front of a
woman and then put his hooves on her shoulders. He wished to mate with her, a wish
she did not share. She screamed and ran into the house. It made me ponder about
how we often see ourselves as different from animals, but the animals
 often see us as one of their own.


"And in the Sky a Million Stars"
watercolour  size approx 38 x 57 cm

Painting would be unbearably tedious if I knew beforehand what the
finished piece would look like! It's thrilling to see the countless
choices spread out before me as I'm painting. It's like looking up
into a starry night sky and seeing that the world goes on forever.
What you can do with shapes and colour is infinite and
infinitely fascinating.



"Inside the Ocean"  watercolour and acrylic ink size approx 28 x 21 inches

She prays to the ocean, to the element that holds her.
A private moment. A personal moment. 


As I'm painting, I go with my gut feelings. I'm always asking myself
questions like: What should go here? What colour goes there? What
feeling  needs to go there? What shape is that feeling?




"Joseph" graphite  size approx 29 x 22 inches

Joseph, my brother, sat for about 35 hours for this portrait.
Of course, those hours took place over a matter of weeks.
Usually each sitting was about 2 hours long.



"Imagining my Gramma's Wedding"
watercolour and embossing size approx 29 x 22 inches
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Not too long ago my grandmother revealed to me that she was married
during a February snowstorm! I hadnever heard this before! Instantly, an
idea for a painting exploded in my head, momentarily blinding me.
I couldn't wait to begin!

Luckily, I had visited the church in which she was married when
I was 7 years old and I remembered it well.  My gramma had
taken me to her village of Zlobin for the summer and this trip 
made a lasting impression on me. Without these memories
this painting would have been impossible.

As the painting developed, I decided to omit the snow
because I thought it would compete with the bride.
However, I'm thinking of doing another
version of this
work where the snow
takes centre stage.

Self-Portrait watercolour  size 29 x 22  

When I lived in Halifax, some years ago,  I spent the summer doing mime
and clowning with a friend who was a professional in this field. Although
 I had always been fascinated by clowns, I had never thought of being one
myself. Although I needed some convincing to join her for the summer,
I am so happy that I did. It was very exciting work and it gave me a deeper
understanding of this performance art that continues to appear in my
work on a regular basis.

The clowning in Halifax gave me the courage to join a clown troupe some
years later. Coming home one night after a gig, I looked in the mirror and
thought, "I need to do a self portrait." Promptly, I set up my easle and
to work. Towards morning the painting was done.


watercolour and graphite  size 18 x 20 inches 

This painting began when I was taken by the beauty of a clothesline.
After I painted the clothesline, several ideas passed through my
mind regarding what else should happen in the painting.
Eventually, it seemed that a theatre scene was
a natural choice.

"When My Eyes are Open"
watercolour size approx 38 x 57 cm

When I'm painting I like to create chaotic shapes and
explosions of colour and then gently corral then into
harmony . Though, I purposefully leave in the feeling
that momentarily the painting is liable to return
to uncontrolable bucking and rearing.

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