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"Red Roses" 
watercolour, graphite, and ink approx. size 32 inches x 24 inches

Painting is like playing a multi-level chess game. Every time your paint brush touches
the paper the whole painting changes. These changes inform your next move.

Usually I start with a general idea for each painting. Then I concentrate on listening to my feelings
to guide the decisions I make regarding the emotional content developing in the work. It's the same
with choosing the colours;  I go with colours that feel right for the particular paintingon which I am
 working. Beyond the very barest  bones of colour theory, I am not much for it. I prefer to explore
colours on my own. The only way to unlock the secrets of combining colours is to  spend
endless hours with your palette.

This painting is done with watercolour, ink, and graphite.
One of the joys of working on paper is that I can combine
different mediums as the whim strikes me. The paper
I most often use is 300lb Fabriano hot press. This is a
heavy cotton paper that never needs stretching.

Using a mirror, I used myself as a modeled for this painting. My intention was not that her face should
look like me and, in fact, she looks nothing like me. I only used myself as a jumping off point
for facial features and shadows to invent a brand new face for this painting.


This painting is about the precariousness of life. It is about those times when
you are on the edge of life as you know it . You are looking into a new place
that you didn't know existed. You don't know if you should feel comfort or
dread. And, you can't even explain this new knowledge to yourself.

Butterflies appear in my paintings regularly. A road-kill butterfly was the model for these ones.
This delicate casualty wasn't mangled too badly so I carefully brought it home with me.

There have been times when the freezer has been the home to collections of  insects and
birds that have met their untimely deaths on highways and byways. Because I don't work
from photos, these frozen creatures become invaluable treasures as I paint them into my work.

The orange concentric circles emanating from the butterflies signify my belief that nature is
speaking to us in languages that are not naturalto our ears. If we want to "hear" nature speak
we must abandon the thought that we knowanything. We must come to nature unburdened
by our preconceived ideas of what we might hear or see.

"The Fan" watercolour, graphite,  23kt gold leaf approx. size 32 inches x 24 inches

detail of "The Fan"

detail of "The Fan"

detail of "The Fan"


"Moth Woman" watercolour and graphite approx. size 7 x 13 inches 

"African Violets" watercolour and graphite approx. size 8 x 13 inches 

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