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"The Shoe" watercolor and graphite  approx. size 32 inches x 24 inches

This painting all started when I was walking around in a second hand store
and I chanced to see a pair of sequined shoes placed carelessly on a shelf with
some books. I picked them up, time stood still for me as I became lost in the
details of the golden shoes. They seemed especially beautiful because they
obviously had been worn. Right away I knew I would do a Portraitof a Shoe.

The shoe seemed to contain as much information and life force as
any face I'd ever seen.

I thought the shoe should be floatingon a bed of flowers. So, each time I
received flowers, on such occasions as my birthday or Valentine's Day, 
I would paint these flowers intothe piece.


I spent weeks working on just the shoe itself.  I could hardly believe what I
was seeing; the extent of the detail was truly awesome. Each gold sequin
and each stitch of golden thread impressed me.

There is the history of the shoe in regards to who wore it,
but there is equal history in regards to those who made it.
I couldn't help thinking about the many people whose lives
had been involved in these shoes in some way or another.



I couldn't imagine this painting without insects, as they are natural
companions to flowers and just as breathtaking in their delicacy.

If you are a painter you will know for yourself how physically demanding
the process of painting is. If you are not a painter and you are wondering
if painting is hard work, let me assure you that it is!  And, taking
this painting from the beginning to the end, nearly killed me!
Oh, my goodness, it took superhuman strength to take it
all the way to completion!! 



Each rose is its own universe. Each time I spend hours in the presence of a rose to draw or
paint it,  I feel like I have traveled to a beautiful and exotic country

Hsinchu, Taiwan














"The Day I Quit School"



"The Day I Quit School"
watercolour, gouache, acrylic


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