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Curriculum Vitae


   Alanna Marohnic

Box 494, Atikokan,Ontario, CANADA, P0T 1C0



Professional Artist

Alanna Marohnic has been painting professionally since 1980. Her work has been described
as "mystic realism". Combining realism with strongly abstracted subject matter, she creates
paintings that speak to the subconscious.  To create her work she employs watercolour,
acrylic, embossing, gold leaf, silver point, graphite, and stenciling techniques. In addition
to providing her clientele with new work, Ms. Marohnic is constantly engaged in fulfilling
requests for private commissions and illustrations. Alanna Marohnic has received grants
from the Canadian Ontario Arts Council, and has won awards in juried shows.  During the
course of her career, Ms. Marohnic has sold her artwork to collectors worldwide, from
Canada to Australia, and has participated in exhibitions across Canada. She currently

spends a great deal of time visiting Croatia, where she draws inspiration from immersing
herself in the Croatian cultural palette.


Fine Art Website

Ms. Marohnic is the designer of her own website (  ) showcasing
images of her paintings, stone lithography, art objects, illustrations, and fine art necklaces.
Ms. Marohnic has created a site that reflects the diversity and depth of her work.  She strives
to create a personal experience for visitors by explaining her inner processes and including
close-up photographs that highlight her techniques. The website is also an important venue
for clients interested in seeing her latest work.




Galerija Ruza, Zagreb, HR                                                                                          2016

Crocrodeal Galerija/Witness Lounge, Zagreb, HR                                                      2015
Galerija Hrvatska Matica Iseljenika, Pula, HR                                                            2015

Galerija Ramasutra, Zagreb, HR                                                                                  2015
Fort Frances Public Library, ON   

Galleria Entrada Negra, Atikokan ON                                                                          2010

Pictograph Gallery, Atikokan ON                                                                                 2009

Atikokan Art Centre Gallery, ON                                                                       2000- 2005

Steamer's Cafe, Medicine Hat AB                                                                                2004

Medicine Hat Cultural Centre, AB                                                                     2003- 2004

Piano Mobile Gallery, Winnipeg MB                                                                           2003

Magnus Theatre Gallery, Thunder Bay ON                                                        2001-2002

Orysi Decor, Thunder Bay ON                                                                                     2002

Creed Restaurant, Thunder Bay ON                                                                             2002

Pictograph Gallery, Atikokan ON                                                                                 2001

Atikokan Art Centre, ON                                                                                              2001

Fort Frances Museum, ON                                                                                            1999

Chapter's Bookstore, Winnipeg MB                                                                              1999

Chapter's Bookstore, Thunder Bay ON                                                                         1999

Lake of the Woods Museum, Kenora ON                                                                     1997

Fort Frances Museum, ON                                                                                            1997

Atikokan Centennial Museum, ON                                                                     1984, 1988

Manugue Gallery, Halifax NS                                                                                       1983


Exhibitions (Group Shows)


 Crocrodeal Galerija/Witness Lounge, Zagreb, HR                                                      2015
Galerija Ruza, Zagreb, Croatia, HR 

Atikokan Art Centre, ON                                                                                    2004-2005

Elevation 1309, Canmore AB                                                                                      2004

Dynes Gallery, Medicine Hat AB                                                                                2004

Definitely Superior Art Gallery, Thunder Bay ON                                                      2003

Piano Mobile Gallery, Winnipeg. MB                                                                         2003

Thunder Bay Art Gallery, ON                                                                            1994, 2003

Atikokan Art Centre, ON                                                                                   2000, 2003

Centre D'Art Morency, Montreal PQ                                                                           1995

Del Bello Gallery, Canada, Italy                                                                        1986 -1994

Lakehead Visual Arts Gallery, Thunder Bay ON                                                        1992                          Northern Lights Gallery, Thunder Bay ON                                                       1991 -1992

Fireweed Gallery, Thunder Bay ON                                                                  1987 -1989

Sparkes Gallery, Toronto ON                                                                                       1987

Duke of Argyle Gallery, Halifax NS                                                                           1985

Fiddlehead Gallery, Thunder Bay ON                                                                         1984



Private Exhibitions


Alanna Marohnic Studio Gallery, Atikokan, ON                                                1988 -2014

Albanese Residence, Thunder Bay, ON                                                                        2009

Gardiman Residence, Fort Frances, ON                                                              2000 -2002

Fero Residence, Thunder Bay, ON                                                                     1998 -1999

Chiarotto Residence, Toronto, ON                                                                                1994

Sawada Residence, Toronto, ON                                                                                   1995


Commissioned Works

Paintings, Portraits, Landscapes, Art Objects, Jewellry                                     1980-2017




Illustrations, Posters, and Books (partial list)

Sipar Publishing, Zagreb, Croatia (illustrating and writing)                                           2017
Very Pink Fine Art Publishing (art posters and art cards)                                     2010 -2017

Sage Woman Magazine, Oregon, USA (illustrations)                                          2010 -2017

Kavis Cucuk Kitap Publishing, Istanbul, Turkey                                                  2010 -2011

(illustrations for picture books: Kara Yele, Kutburun ile Kocakarin)

Nevenko Kucko Children's Stories, Croatia (illustration for CD)                                   2010  

Birchbrook Press, New York State, USA  (book illustrations)                                        2007                     Atikokan Art Centre, Theatre Program, ON  (posters)                                          2000 -2006

Rising Women Magazine, Calgary AB (cover illustration)                                             2004

Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay, ON (images for posters)                                      2000 -2003

Rodney Brown, Thunder Bay, ON  (CD cover iIllustration)                                 1989, 1993

Rodney Brown,Thunder Bay, ON  (CD cover and colouring book)                                1988               
Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, ON (poster for international show)                                    

Holt, Rinehart and Winston Publishers, Toronto, ON (illustrations)                     1986 -1988
Harlequin/Brio Bodywear, Halifax, NS (clothing graphics)                                            1988

Cataclectic Clothing Store, Toronto, ON (clothing graphics)                                          1986

Ontario Naturopathic Association, Toronto, ON (illustrations)                                       1986

Dalhousie University Theatre Dept., Halifax, NS (poster)                                              1983

Quetico Centre , Atikokan, ON (clothing graphics)                                                        1981 

Kam Theatre Lab, Thunder Bay, ON  (posters)                                                              1980

Canadian Children's Magazine, Toronto, ON                                 
(Bunkbed, a story written and illustrated by Alanna)                                                      1976



Hrvatski Dragovoljac Karate Klub, Dom Sportova, Zagreb, Croatia                             2014

Atikokan Mall Merchants Association, ON                                                                    2005

Marley Condominums, Halifax, NS                                                                                1985    

Recreation Department, Atikokan, ON                                                                           1977


Commercial Galleries and Shops (partial list)

Crocrodeal Gallery Gift Shop, Zagreb, Croatia                                                             2015

Voyageur Gifts, Atikokan, ON, Canada                                                                2013-2015

Cesni Turk El Sanatlari, Ankara, Turkey                                                              2012-2015

Art Gallery of Ontario Gift Store, Toronto, ON                                                   1988 -1991

Confederation Gallery Gift Store, Charlottetown, PEI                                         1988-1991           
Royal Ontario Museum Gift Store, Toronto, ON                                         


Grants, Awards, Competitions


 Atikokan Public Library Arts Programming (grant for teaching)                                  2015

Atikokan Mall Merchants Association, ON, OAC (grant for mural)                             2005

Piano Mobile Gallery, Winnipeg MB, OAC (material assistance grant)                        2003

Pictograph Gallery, Atikokan ON, OAC (material assistance grant)                   1996 -1999

Lake of the Woods Museum, Kenora ON,  OAC (material assistance grant)                1997

Fort Frances Museum, ON, OAC (material assistance grant)                                         1997

Atikokan Hydro Juried Show, ON, (1st place award )                                                    1997

Atikokan Hydro Juried Show, ON, (2nd place award)                                                   1996

Canada Games, Creative Canada Creatif, ON (1st place award)                                   1981

National Theatre Festival, Thunder Bay, ON (1st place award)                                     1980



Curatorial & Conservation Work



Galerija Ruza, Zagreb, Croatia                                                                                        2015
Europe House, Zagreb, Croatia           

Art Estate Management, Canada, Croatia                                                              2013-2014

Galerija Ruza, Zagreb, Croatia                                                                                        2013

Pictograph Gallery, Atikokan ON                                                                         1988 -2002

Atikokan Art Centre, ON                                                                                      2000 -2002




Teaching (partial list)


Summer Painting Workshops, APL, Atikokan, ON (upcoming)                          2015 - 2016

Drawing classes for teens, Atikokan Native Friendship Centre, ON                     2012, 2014
Private painting classes for children and adults                                                      1992-2014

Painting classes for teens, Bilkent International School, Turkey                                     2011

Painting classes for children, Atikokan Art Centre, ON                                         2000-2005
Painting workshop for adults, Fort Frances Museum, ON                                               1995




Travel for Purpose of Painting


Croatia                                               2008-2017

Turkey                                               2009-2014

Ukraine                                                       2011

Taiwan                                              2007-2009

China                                                          2006

South Korea                                               2006

Mexico                                              1989-1998

Northwest USA                                          1996

France                                                         1995

Southwest USA                                1992, 1994 



Volunteer Work and Donations (partial list)


Under the Pearl Moon Film, Zagreb, Croatia (world premiere)                                     2014
Under the Pearl Moon Film, Thunder Bay, ON (fundraising)                                        2014
Ocean Dog Rescue (fundraising)                                                                           2011- 2013

World Vision Haitian Relief , Thunder Bay, ON (fundraising)                                       2010

Relay for Life, Atikokan, ON  (art auction)                                                                    2009

Atikokan Art Centre, Atikokan, ON (hiring committee)                                       2004 -2006

Atikokan Art Centre, Atikokan, ON (beautification team)                                    2004 -2005

Atikokan Art Centre, Atikokan, ON (board and committee member)                   2000 -2005

Atikokan Art Centre, Atikokan, ON   (fund-raising, hiring
committee, programming, grant writing, strategic planning)
                                2000 -2004

Atikokan Art Centre  Atikokan, ON  (organizing and leading
art programs
for children and youth)                                                                     2000 -2004

Atikokan Creations Theatre, Atikokan, ON (set and prop design),                       2000 -2004

Canadian Cancer Society, Thunder Bay, ON (art auction)                                               2002

Atikokan Art Centre, Atikokan, ON (clowning and face-painting)                        2000-2005